Several recordings of my music are available here on Soundcloud. Scroll down for a complete list of all my musical works.





  • The Choice. 2018: SSATB a cappella. Text by L. M. Montgomery.

  • Come, Rest Awhile. 2018: SATB a cappella. Text by L. M. Montgomery.

  • Kungs, nav tāda ka Tu! (Lord, There’s No-one Like You!) 2018: SATB with piano. Text by Ivars Gaide.

  • Esi mans gaišums (You are my Radiance). 2017: SATB a cappella.  Text by Ivars and Anita Gaide, based on an 8th Century Irish hymn. In Latvian or English versions.

  • Ziemassvētki nak! (Christmas is Coming!) 2017: SATB with piano. Text by A. Rubenis. Written for the St. John’s Vocal Ensemble, and premiered by them in 2017.

  • Cum Voce Laetitiae (With a Joyful Voice). 2017: SATB a cappella. Text: 15th Century Latin Chant.

  • Puer Nobis Nascitur (A Boy is Born for Us). 2016: SATB, Soprano solo and Piano. Text 15th Century Latin Hymn.

  • Ziemassvētki sabraukuši (The Winter Celebration is Coming), 2017: SSAATB with cello and kokle OR piano. In Latvian. Originally for Women’s choir.

  • Rozes (Roses) 2015: SATB with optional cello. Text by Fricis Bārda. In Latvian. Originally for Women’s choir.

  • Northern Spring. 2013: SATB a cappella. In English.

  • Psalm 121. 2009, revised 2016: SATB a cappella. In Latvian.

  • The Gift. 2007: SATB with Piano. In English. Commissioned by The Jarvis C. I. Reunion Choir.

  • Saules Aicinājums (The Sun’s Invitation). 2003: SATB a cappella. In Latvian.

  • Zaļa Tautu Miežu Rija (The Little Green Barn). 1999: SATB a cappella. Latvian  folksong arrangement.


  • Ar tautasdziesmu (With a Folksong). 2018: SSAA a cappella. Text by Indra Gubiņa. In Latvian.

  • Trīs ziemas saulgriežu dziesmas (Three Winter Solstice Songs). On traditional Latvian folk poems: 2017: SSSSAAAA with cello and kokle. In Latvian. Written for vocal group “Putni” (Birds) in Latvia, and recorded on their 2017 CD “winter solstice songs.”

  1. Ziemassvētki sabraukuši (The Winter Celebration is Coming).

  2. Laimes Liet (Pour Your Luck).

  3. Pastaliņu plēsējiņi (The Ones Who Wear out their Dancing Shoes).

  • Vienā naktī (In One Night). 2016: SSSSAAAA or SSAA a cappella. Text by Indra Gubiņa. In Latvian. Written for the Latvian women’s choir “Dzintars”.

  • Sava Vieta uz Zemes (My Place on the Earth) Six Poems by Fricis Bārda: 2015: SSAA with optional Cello. In Latvian. Written for the Women’s choir “Putni” (Birds) in Latvia and premiered and recorded by them in 2017.

      1. Debess (Sky)

      2. Dzīvības kokam (To the Tree of Life),

      3. Rozes (Roses)

      4. Līst (It rains)

      5. Rasas princesīte (The Dew Princess)

      6. Pēdējā dziesma (The Last Song)


  • Two songs to poems by Andris Sproģis: 2016: TTBB a cappella. In Latvian.

  • 1. Sirmums… (Greyness…).

  • 2. Skatienā (In a glance).


  • A Tango for Carmen. 2017: String orchestra. Written for chamber orchestra “Armonico”

  • Laika gaitā (Over the Course of Time). 2017: Clarinet quartet. Three movements. Commissioned by clarinet quartet “Quattro Differente”, and premiered by them in November 2017.

  • Naima Brings Peace. 2017: Saxophone quintet. Written for the 2017 International Riga Saxophone Days festival and premiered there in April 2017.

  • Latgalē pat dziesmas dejo (In Latgale even the songs dance) 2016: String Quartet. A cycle of 4 songs, based on folk songs from Latgale.

  • Mazā Trimdenieka Dzimtenes Sapnis. (The Little Refugee’s Dream of the Homeland). 2014: Mezzo Soprano and Piano.  Words by J. Rubenis, original melody by A. Rubenis.

  • Mist in the Mountains: Songs on Ancient Chinese Texts: 2007: Mezzo Soprano and Piano. In English. Also available for Clarinet and Piano.

  • 1. Drinking Alone with the Moon. Words by Li Po, translated by W. Bynner.

  • 2. Magnolia Basin. Words by Wang Wei, translated by T. and W. Barnstone and Xu Haixin.

  • 3. Sunset. Words by Tu Fu, translated by K. Rexroth.


  • Come Out and Play! 10 fun pieces for rhythm and technique for early-intermediate level pianists: 1. Climb a Tree, 2. Skipping Double Dutch, 3. Hopscotch, 4. Riding my Bicycle, 5. Rollerblading, 6. Frisbee, 7. Hide and Go Seek, 8. Let’s Go Fishing, 9. Picking Flowers, 10. Swimming. 2016.

  • Daugava. 2015.

  • Spirit of Canada: 3 Canadian Folksongs for 10 pianos. 2004: 10 pianos in a monster concert setting. Commissioned by The Toyich International Projects Monster Concert.

Recorded on the 2010 CD “ROMA”:

  • My Journey: 1. The First Morning, 2. Traveling, 3. Thinking of Home.

  • Acqua.

  • Museum Pieces: 1. Coins, 2. Mosaics, 3. The Roof Garden, 4. Diana the Hunter, 5. The Palazzo in the Tiber.

  • Ciao, Bella!

  • The Mayor’s Son.

  • Caffe. 1. Espresso, 2. Macchiato, 3. Cappuccino.

  • More than a Dream.

  • Blossoms of Hope.


  • 2015: Voice, guitar, bass. Lietutiņš (Sweet rain). Words by F. Bārda.  In Latvian.

  • 2015: Voice, guitar. Daugava un Gauja Šalc (The Daugava and Gauja Rivers Rejoice). Words by V. Grēviņš. In Latvian.

  • 1999: Low voice and piano. Nejautā Kādēļ (Don’t ask why). In Latvian.


  • ROMA. 2010, Solo Piano CD, list of contents in piano section above.

  • WINTER SOLSTICE SONGS. 2017 CD by Putni Vocal Group, includes my “Trīs ziemas saulgriežu dziesmas” (Three Winter Solstice Songs), listed above in the Women’s Choir section above.

These CD’s are available for sale at Letts Shop, at the Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre, 4 Credit Union Drive, North York, ON, Canada. 416-752-1482